What an incredible evening June 21st was! After my first conversation with Meghan, I knew her and Dan’s wedding would be spectacular and it was. Meg had every little detailed covered with such beautiful attention. Honestly to call her creative is a gross underestimate. She blows Martha Stewart away! Throughout the wedding preparations, Meg always had a list going, and I loved that she did. She was so prepared for everything and even taught me a thing or two about organization (for which I am very grateful). I always encourage brides and grooms to book and engagement session with me. It’s a great way to see how they respond to being in front of a camera. When Meg and Dan met up last summer for their session, I knew they would be great for their wedding — they acted completely comfortable and at ease (as if I wasn’t even there), which was so great, because of this everything about their engagement and wedding pictures just speaks LOVE! They are one of the cutest and happiest couples I have met (even though I’ve been lucky to worth with a bunch of great couples), and they are both just as kind and sweet on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside! It was a great pleasure for me to photograph their special day! Without further adieu, here are some highlights!

Roberta and Anthony…..

June 17, 2013

Finally, here is a long awaited blog post of simply gorgeous wedding!  Never mind how hot it was on June 1st (95 degrees to be exact), this bride and groom were the hottest part of the day!  They are not only a beautiful couple on the outside, but they are so genuine and kind. I was completely inspired by Roberta’s sense of organization.  She had every detail of the day, planned, but managed to just float throw the day while  enjoying every second.  Anthony had a permanent smile on his face for the entire day…. well that is from the time he saw his beautiful wife to be in their “first look” photo session!  I can’t say enough about this wonderful couple.  They are full of life and love, and I wish them continued happiness!  Have a look here for some highlights from their special day!

Yikes!  With so much going on, I have really neglected this blog.  Rather than spending the time on my blog, I have been posting images to fb instead.    That being said, I am gong to try to make a commitment to blogging regularly again and not just posting all my pictures to fb.

Currently I am in the midst of a busy “mini” session season, but I still have a few more “mini” session  times available for days in October as well as some November dates.  If you’re looking for some great shots for your Christmas cards and Christmas gifts, book now!  Without further adieu, here are my 2012 card designs.  You can also go here to view last years designs, which are also still available. Below you will find examples of the designs and a  stream lined ordering process. Custom or semi custom designs can still be done for an added “creation” fee. If you have already had your pictures done and would like to place and order, or if you want to book a “mini” Christmas session, please email amykellyphotography@gmail.com for more details and to receive an order form. Please note that most wording to the cards can be changed for no additional cost. Also if you have a particular design that you would like to see zoomed in, just email me, and I can send it to you.  Thank you!

I cannot believe how fast this year went by — you see it seems like yesterday that Ashley and Jeff asked me to photograph their wedding! Their wedding took place on Saturday, and every last detail of it was fantastic! Of course what made the day even more special is that at 8:30 am it was down pouring — that was DOWN POURING!!! The wedding was set for 11:00 am and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one praying for the storm to pass. Well everyone’s prayers were answered, and the sun came out — it was hot but beautiful! As you will see below, Ashley looked incredible. As for Jeff, he looked handsome too. I must say, since I have known Jeff since he was born, it was pretty crazy too think of him all grown up, sporting a tuxedo and getting married. Seriously, I still remember him as a toddler –  I’m not getting older ;-) so where does the time go?!?!  lol I am thrilled for Ashley and Jeff. They make a lovely couple and are so happy and in love. I am grateful to have shared in their special day. Check out some highlights of their awesome day!

I was so fortunate to be able to photograph Angela and Kyle’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. Even after the the summer is over, I would bet that June 9th will go down as one of the top ten days of the summer of 2012 — it was supberb! Angela made a gorgeous bride, and her radiant smile is present in EVERY picture! Ethan you were looking pretty good too! It was so fun to bear witness to such a happy occasion and to two people so in love. I wish you both (and your incredibly cute son, Ethan) a lifetime of happiness. I enjoyed every minute of your wedding and meeting your wonderful families. Here’s evidence below, in this sneak peek, of such a beautiful day!

Can you say too cute for words? I had so much fun with this little guy for his one year old photo session. He just made me laugh. He is all boy but little boy with the wit of a big kid! He knew exactly what he wanted and that was to be in the warm sun. However, direct sun doesn’t make for the best pictures so we found ways to lure him into a little shade. Then we remembered when he was a week old for his newborn shoot, he was happiest in front of the sunny window! I can’t fault him for that — who doesn’t like the sun? Well as you can see, he did great in front of the camera. He has the most sparkling eyes!

To say I am thrilled to have crossed paths with Angela is an understatement. She is one of those people that I completely clicked with in the first few minute seconds! She is so kind, pleasant and easy to talk to. I immediately sensed I would be a good fit for her and Kyle’s wedding, and I am so happy they felt the same way. Then on the beautiful day of her engagement session, I got to meet Kyle and Ethan — they were equally as nice. As you can see, Ethan is adorable. I just loved how he smiled from ear to ear and was so well behaved too! I could have just taken him home, as he was that sweet! I think he will be a superb photographer’s assistent…. are you ready, Ethan? lol I am excited to shoot their wedding in just a few weeks. I can’t believe it’s almost here — see you in a few weeks!

There is nothing better than a brand new baby — a miracle! I was thrilled for the opportunity to photograph this little angel! In fact, I was practically counting the weeks for her arrival. She is just as precious as her big sister’s, who by the way, are two of my favorite models and have appeared on my blog quite a few times already! With the help of my mom, A.K.A. “the baby whisperer”, everything went quite smoothly. Lucky for me, my mom is great with babies. She positioned her just right each time! The old girls made it fun too! I love getting my girl fix too. When everything at my house is legos, balls, and nerf guns, it’s pretty fun to talk nail polish, and “feathers”! Here’s a preview of some of the highlights — cuteness alert!
Sleeping babies are so peaceful!

I LOVE little feet pictures!

All the girls!

Love how fun these girls can be!

I am proud to call this little guy one of my “regulars”. His parents purchased a newborn to one year package, and I am honored to get to visit them every few months. Here’s his newborn session! As you can see, he is super cute! I just love his sessions. When I arrive his outfits have all been selected along with the most ADORABLE hats! Hopefully he won’t mind more hat over the next year, because I am sure his mom has more picked out for next time. I love having being able to see babies grow and it’s a great feeling for me to be able to document different milestones with them and their families. I look forward to our next session!

….exciting new things!

February 3, 2012

So it’s been a while or actually way too long since I last posted!  I actually had to look up my login for my blog — not good!  I’m going to make my a better effort to document what I have been up to, going forward.  The fall was super busy and I tended to only post pictures on my fb page, which is great, but fb doesn’t always show pictures as nicely as here on the blog.  I also confess that not everything even made it to my fb page.  Well it’s a new year (albiet that we’re already into February).  Nonetheless, I am going to begin the year with a wonderful photography workshop I just atteneded.  It was the mj2day with Melissa Jill.  What can I say about it?  It was nothing short of FANTASTIC  (I would say AMAZING, but I completely over use that word and am trying to refrain! lol) Melissa is an extroidinary photographer, who I have admired for a while and was thrilled to be able to join her in in Phoenix this week.  She poured her heart and sole out in her workshop, which was delightful.  It’s not often that someone will share so much of there talent and knowledge, but she did, and she did so in such a personal and kind way.    I feel like she validated some of what I knew, while teaching me MUCH MUCH more!  I am extremely grateful for this experience.  Not only did I leave there with a wealth of information (yes my brain is on overload), I made 15 new friends!  How cool is that?

Part of the workshop included a mock engagement shoot, which included an already married couple, expecting their first baby! They were fabulous subjects and that beautiful baby bump made the session even more fun!  Not only did we have two gorgeous subjects, we also had some spectacular light!